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Modern foreign languages website has been created due to my desire to share my thoughts, my ideas, my resources, my personal experience with all the enthusiastic and dedicated educators of English and German as a foreign language out there…

And remember: Learning languages makes you smarter.

Hallo Leute!

Diese Webseite für moderne Fremdsprachen wendet sich an alle begeisterten Fremdsprachenlehrer, die Deutsch oder Engilsch als Fremdsprache unterrichten. Ich möchte nämlich mit Ihnen meine Ideen, meine Gedanken, meine Ressourcen und meine persönlichen Erfahrungen teilen.

Mein Motto:  Sprachenlernen macht klüger!


Hi all!!!

I ‘ m Natassa Evangelidou, a motivated educator of modern foreign languages. Foreign languages are not only my occupation but also my passion. I speak, other than my mother tongue greek, english, german, french and a little spanish. I have university degrees in both german and english language and literature, a masters degree in Teaching German as a foreign language and an MA on Tourism Management.
I have worked in the tourism industry for some time, in private schools and various language schools in Greece, but for the past fifteen years, I have been working at public primary schools in Greece as a german teacher. I love my job and therefore never stop to try to find new ways  to motivate my students and to guide them through the learning process.

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… have a look at my publications mainly concerning applied teaching methods of german language …

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